5 Blogs I’m Thankful for

ThankfulWhich blogs are you most thankful for? These are the Content Marketing and Personal Branding blogs I love most:

Content Marketing

1) Copyblogger: Brian Clark and a team of uber-talented writers post regular updates on writing skills every marketer should own and how Content Marketing can connect you to your audience. I’ve been hooked for years, I think at a minimum, everyone should read this post, Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well.

2) Content Marketing Institute: The name really says it all. CMI’s blog keeps your approach to content current while introducing the latest strategies for print and online Marketing. Reading a few posts a week can help you sharpen your competitive edge and channel your inner wordsmith.

3) Mashable.com: Mashable keeps you in the know on the latest forms of Media and how your brand should be using them. The blog keeps up with new media trends and how Pop Culture plays a role.

Personal Branding

4) TheDailyMuse.com: The Daily Muse features tons of new posts daily on professional development and personal branding. From how to build stronger working relationships at your current gig, to asking for a promotion or starting a job search, this muse has all the answers.

5) JobJenny.com: Blogger and Recruiter, Jenny Foss simplifies building your professional image and how it helps your job search. I’ve been reading her posts for years and can’t get enough of them. Even when you’re where you want to be, Job Jenny posts can be applied to perfecting your presentations or personal brand at your current employer.

What are your favorite blogs? Share and comment below!

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