4 Habits Guaranteed to Make You Love Your Work Life

She has a sparkle in her eyeThe average person racks up a minimum of 100,000 working hours over a lifetime; meaning you spend more time in your office than you do in your own home and have more face time with your colleagues than your family or friends or your dog. And some of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make will occur during business hours.

Don’t love your life at work? Then 85% of your time is only defined by a pay check. The hours outside of work with the people you love are the most important, but if you’re not present in the moment then you are missing out on the career you want -and- deserve. So, how can you love what you’re doing, more?

Be passionate about what you do.

Successful people love what they do. Whether you are in the position you’ve always wanted or you’re building the ladder to get there, there are big moments that can get lost under task lists and paper work. Don’t let them.

First, know that you are making a difference for others. You support your team members and your manager. Everyone contributes to achieving department goals that are felt company-wide.

If you’re a manager then your work and leadership can help professionals in carving out their own careers and finding meaning in their work. The time you invest in taking positive stock in your employees can change their lives; forever.

It doesn’t matter what your title is; the end result of your hard work isn’t just in a pay check. Clients, customers, real people you may never meet or know are benefiting from your time in some way.

And remember, you will never know everything. Each position means a unique opportunity to learn something new and different. The only constant is change, but you’ll always have your career experience. Challenge yourself to learn as much as you possibly can from your manager, peers, direct reports and customers. You can always learn more.

Don’t play games.

Make it known that you’re at work to help the business and your colleagues succeed and steer clear of office politics and drama. Office bullies who take out their insecurities on employees usually look to peers to encourage their gossip and other behaviors. Don’t.

If you are a target, remember someone who is trying to take down your self-worth is taking out his/her personal insecurities on you. (Most bullies have gone through some form of abuse during their lifetime.)

Don’t retaliate. Instead break the cycle with a professional discussion with your manager. Make it clear that you want to be at the company and you don’t want the situation interfering with your work. If someone is preventing you from reaching your goals then they are doing so at the expense of the business.

If your boss is a bully then find another position working for someone who actually wants you to succeed. Everyone at your workplace was hired to support the business and good managers do so by empowering other employees to reach their goals. Unfortunately, sometimes even managers can lose sight of what’s best for the company.

There will always be people who play games or office politics, don’t be one of them. In the end, the merit of your work and your actions define YOU.

Take nothing for granted.

If a manager or colleague lets you know you’ve done something right, let them know that you appreciate it. Coming across as calm and confident is important to become a leader; humility and gratitude are necessary to be a likable one.

Remember that the job is not all about you. Be open to other people’s ideas and be respectful of differences. Observe the strongest leaders at your company and how they drive success, not just for themselves but for their coworkers.

It’s easy to lose momentum, but don’t ever feel like you can stop trying or that your employer owes you. No one is invincible and people are appreciated when they provide a measurable value. There are limited opportunities and leadership roles at any business and at the end of the day, it’s business.

Be in charge of your life.

Make the most of your time outside of work and remember to make time for friends and family members who have always supported you. You want to love what you do at work, so make sure you’re passionate about what you’re doing outside of it too. Some of the most dedicated professionals I know are soccer coaches, novelists, mountain climbers or artists outside of the office — don’t limit yourself!

Most of all, be in charge and accountable. It’s your life and you are in control whether or not it always feels that way. Know what your bottom line is and what your needs are — don’t compromise them or give them up. If your work experience isn’t a positive one, find another one that is.

What makes you love your work life?

This article was originally published on WorkAwesome.com.

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