4 Brand Strategies that Save the World


Phones Not Trees

Happy Earth Day, how will your brand make a difference this year? Why not save funds to contribute to important causes by cutting printing and shipping costs in-house? Here are four mobile-brand strategies to keep your company current and eco-friendly:

1) Ditch Print Direct Mailers:

When you print a Direct Mail it’s hard to track how many people pause to read your message, or just immediately toss it. My own mailbox fills up every three days, and after weeding through for important statements and bills I usually stash a few Arby’s coupons and ditch the rest.

Why not take your print investment and move it to mobile-friendly eBlast campaigns that any customer can quickly view? You’ll get the stats to see what’s actually working and leave less waste behind.

2) Is there an app for that? How many times have you forgotten your coupons at home and had to make a second trip back? Move your company rewards points, billing notifications and coupons to an app to reduce printing cost and hassle. Let your customers scan in and use their rewards directly from their smartphones to build loyalty and get more data. (The Starbucks app is a great example of a loyalty-app done right!)

3) Add More Mobile-Friendly Media: Save on return-shipping costs and employee hours by offering mobile-compatible video previews of your products for an easier out-of-the-box visual.

4) Manuals are so 1990: Give your customers a direct URL to your product user guide or manual so they can skip searching through their glove box/junk drawer and you can save millions in trees and printing costs. Add the url to your product packaging with an earth icon or Recycling symbol that’s sure to hit home.

Make sure to thank customers for visiting your help guide online and add a ticker if you can, tracking how many dollars are going to a nonprofit -or- how many trees were saved because they viewed the document from their phone instead.

How will your brand go green with mobile this year?

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