Sell your boss on blogs.


Is your boss anti-blog?

Are you having a difficult time explaining to upper management why your business needs a blog? We’ve all been there, here are a few answers to common concerns. Here, let’s try a little role play…

1) Manager: We don’t have the budget for that.”

You: Really? No problem! I understand your concerns, but guess what? We can acually start a blog on a ridiculously low budget or use a free platform like WordPress. As long as the blog is on our site, that’s what matters.

2) Manager: Our web traffic is down anyway.”

You: Actually that’s a great point, and exactly why I want to start using a blog. The blog can help us bring traffic levels up and quickly. By having a blog attached to our website we’ll be able to rank higher in search results since we’ll constantly be adding new content that the Search Engine spiders will pull through the sites for; indexing the site higher. Also, customers can subscribe and will have more reasons to come back to the homepage/spend more time on the site when they visit.

3) Manager: “We have other Marketing priorities – there’s no time for a blog.”

You: Well, we have a monthly/quarterly/insert-frequency-here company newsletter. Why not post articles from that each week on the blog? We can also use customer testimonials we’ve been pushing to the website and our video content. There won’t be any added time investment, but the page can constantly be updated in seconds with content relevant to our audience, pulling the page higher in Search Engine rankings. What do you think?


Remember, you need to respond to your manager’s concerns to explain why the blog would benefit the business. Ultimately, you’ll need to present the blog as a solution to the rebuttals you’re getting; making a blog the natural conclusion you’ve reached together.

Once you’ve sold your manager on a blog, be sure to stop by to read about how to keep the content on your blog compelling and easy-to-read. Check out a few of my favorite staple articles from Brian Clark below:

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