Why Your Followers are Leaving You

Are you losing your audience on Twitter? Here’s three faux-pas to remove from your Social Media strategy forever, and a few simple fixes to keep followers coming back for more:

1) Tell, don’t sell

Tweets should never read like a sales pitch. “Save 20% with [insert company name]” will never make an emotional connection with your followers and no one wants spam in their Twitter feed. Why not share stories instead by uploading photos of your most satisfied customers via TwitPic? Lead with a customer quote about why they can’t live without your services or products, tag them if they tweet and link to the full blog post with all of the details on how your business helped them achieve their goals. Good marketing, online or offline always tells a story.

2) Take your tweets off repeat

More and more businesses are recycling tweets and blog posts over (and over) again. It’s normal to have the occasional repeat, but tweeting out the same post multiple times will make you lose followers and relevance. You can also risk making your business look obsessive about self-promotion. Remember your audience is looking for fresh content that adds value, not filler. Running out of your own content? Why not share what brand ambassadors and followers are doing online?

3) Don’t link without a call-to-action

Posting relevant news about your organization or industry is a great way to build credibility and page views, but make sure you’re telling followers why they should click the link. Posting the blog/article title only reduces your company presence to a generic news feed. Instead, tell your readers how the article pulls back to your company or industry and why they should read on, (include as many business-specific benefits as possible).

Share your Twitter turn-offs in the comments below.

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