3 Sites for Content Addicts


Content Marketing is constantly evolving with technology and new media. Ready for some serious marketing savvy? Here are three sites that will help you keep your marketing edge for content that’s fresh, fun and relevant:

1) BrightTALK

BrightTALK is a professional community that provides simple access to new ideas with webinars and videos. Industry thought leaders use the community to share their best practices with the rest of us.

The site has different channels you can subscribe to in keeping up with Content Marketing evolution and trends. I’m personally hooked on The Content Wrangler, a channel dedicated to delivering the right content to your audience online.

2) Lynda.com

For $25 a month you can access an endless supply of video courses on Online Marketing and SEO. For a quick preview, watch C.C. Chapman introduce his course on Content Marketing and why it matters.

3) Slideshare

Slideshare is a social network that enables professionals to share presentations online. You can read about why you should add Slideshare to  your online marketing plan, here. Marketers from all industries share their ideas on the site with quick, visual-focused presentations like this one:

Which websites help you keep your marketing current?

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