How to Thank Your Followers on Twitter


Part of building your following on Twitter entails showing the love to your audience in real-time. Be sure to use these three easy methods for thanking your audience for follows and shout-outs:

1) Do play favorites: 

Receive a mention from one of your followers? Whether or not it’s something you want to share in your feed, “favorite” the tweet to send virtual warm and fuzzies and instantly show your appreciation.

2) Do spread the love: 

Have someone tweet something so amazing, astute or plain hilarious about your brand that you want to share it with your followers? Retweet their shout-out to share it in your feed before replying with gratitude.

3) Don’t wait to respond:

Because everything on Twitter happens in real-time, it’s important to react quickly to tweets that mention your accounts for appropriate timing that shows you care. Try checking in once every half hour to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

These are just the basics for making friends with your followers faster. How have you thanked followers on Twitter? Comment and share below!

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