How-to: Make Job Seekers Love Your Brand Online


Finding the right employees for your team is never easy and can be even more of a challenge for smaller businesses competing with employers that can leverage ‘sexy’ brand recognition among consumers. With the hiring game quickly evolving, there are a few updates to your company’s presence online that can make all the difference.

Here are three easy fixes to expanding your appeal and finding the right candidates:

1) Stop Ignoring Glassdoor:

Glassdoor is a review system for employees. While some companies may look at their reviews as a public venting session, it’s important to listen to what reviewers are saying on the site, (because your prospective employees will). A bad review doesn’t always share the full scope of a situation, but usually in the case of the reviews, there’s some truth there. If you have multiple negative reviews on the site highlighting the same issues then it’s time to listen. Reviews posted as retorts (obviously from managers) make the company look desperate and only validate negative reviews.

Instead, why not let your employees know you’re wanting to make improvements to respond to concerns brought up on the review site? Foster an open dialogue with a five minute (anonymous) survey and leave room for open answers. Review with your Human Resources Manager and touch base with your employees as you make positive changes felt company-wide. Remind them that with their involvement you’ve been able to make [Insert Your Company Here] a more awesome place to work and you’d welcome any insight they have to share on the review site.

2) Look good on LinkedIn:

Your company page on LinkedIn is one of the first stops any savvy candidate makes before applying for a position. People love visuals, so make sure you have a customized company photo in your page header. Share a candid shot of employees around the office or photos of two of your employees with quote bubbles explaining why they love working where they do.

LinkedIn isn’t just a great place to post jobs, but posting company updates geared at employees is important too. Share ways you’ve recognized your employees and brag about fun company events/outings your business organized. Don’t forget to post job descriptions from your company page and invite your network to share them with people who could be perfect for the position.

3) Put employees on your Careers page:

Your Careers page should essentially be a testimonial page for working at your company. First, make sure your Careers page is easily accessible from your homepage and up-to-date with positions you’re posting to LinkedIn or other networks. Next, why not show off some of your best employees and their success at the company on your Careers page? Share employee stories with candid photos or videos, explaining what they do and why they love it. If they’re passionate about where they work that will attract other like-minded professionals who are looking to love what they do. Check out Yelp’s Careers page for some killer examples.

Also, be sure to include important achievements or advancements your company has made, what makes the business unique and a quick breakdown of what your employee benefits are.

More and more passionate employees are looking for the company with the right culture and mission statement, not just a title and a salary range. To learn more watch the video below with The Daily Muse founder, Kathryn Minshew. She gives some great examples in her presentation:

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