Four Sites for Your Personal Brand Launch


Whether you’re ready for your dream job or you already have it, sharing your value online is a must for any serious professional. Ready to launch your personal brand online?

Here are four sites you’ll love (because Search Engines do):

1) is a great site for sharing your expertise, making new contacts and learning more on those hard-to-research topics. The Social Media site lets members ask (or answer) a wide range of questions. Members exchange smarts on academic areas, technology, business, religion, career and so much more. Share your business savvy on your profile and accompanying blog, while asking and answering questions that Google pulls through weekly. It’s a great place to position your brand and an addicting way to learn from thought leaders and CEOs around the community –and–other scholars and professionals just like you.

2) is where you will show off your ridiculously impressive professional and academic record and of course, your best head shot. The site is free to join and lets you create a unique profile where you can detail your personal skills, interests and passions. Your profile also includes a separate page reserved for links to content that you’re involved with (you authored or mentions you)  to give them extra juice in search engines. Blog? Write freelance? Post videos? Have your own site? Link to anything you want to be more visible online when people search for you.

3) Google + can’t keep up with viral images on Instagram and Pinterest or your friend count on Facebook, but it’s the perfect Social Network for making yourself look good online. Build your Plus profile with photos and information you want your current (or future) employer to see. Post regular updates linking back to your blog, portfolio or personal site. Most importantly, be sure to use the portion of the profile where you can add links to your online assets and other profiles. Needless to say Google loves Google+ and so will you.

4) LinkedIn I know, I know. Unless you’ve been on sabbatical or unemployed for a few years, you’ve probably heard of LinkedIn. Many young professionals dodge the professional network because they don’t see the value. (They are making a HUGE mistake.) Not only does LinkedIn rank high in Search Engines, but Human Resources professionals and hiring managers at thousands of companies use it to decide if an applicant is a serious contender before they ever interview.

Put your professional karma to work and list skills your colleagues (past and present) can endorse and ask for a few recommendations. Share published work or examples from your portfolio right from your professional profile. You can learn more about the right way to use LinkedIn, here or visit my profile for a real life example, (you must be logged into the site to see all the goods).

What other sites are you using to share your personal brand? Comment and share below!

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