Reinvent Your Career. Blog.


Ready for a career change -or- want to break into a new industry with your current skill set? Why not start with a blog? You can use your blog to build your professional brand online no matter what your career goals are.

Here’s a few ideas on how to blog like a boss:

1) Starting… Startup?

A blog is the place to launch your new business. Offering freelance services or starting a full-time business? A blog is the perfect spring board. Use your blog to write posts about what makes your services/coffee shop/up-cycled fashion stand/etc. different. If you’re posting about your services, use your blog to share examples or tell how they made a difference for your current clientele. Not only will a blog let you show readers why they will fall in love with your business, it also helps them find you through a search online with constantly updating Search Engine results. Check out to see how Jenny Foss uses her blog as an advertising and public relations platform to attract new customers and share her experience.

2) New Career? 

If you’re wanting to break into a new career or just take it to the next level, a blog is the perfect way to share your skills that aren’t covered by your current job description. Research, read books and blogs and become the Subject Matter Expert on everything-(insert your dream job). If you love Social Media and want to make it into your career, blog about it. Explain why Social Media is necessary for any business to engage customers and increase brand exposure online. Provide specific examples and brand standards that are great for growing a business. When you interview, you’ll give the hiring manager more fuel to bring you on by sharing your blog and expertise before you ever interview, e.g., “I’m really breaking into Social Media and have some great ideas and strategies to bring to your organization, please view my professional blog for details on my approach to listening to customers and engaging them online”.

3) Same title, new industry? 

You can use a blog to build/share your knowledge about the industry you love most. If you’re an Advertising Strategist for a Technology company, but you want to make the move to Medical, start posting about what Healthcare Manufacturers are doing to publicize their brands, which ideas work and why. Want to work for a startup? Share about Startup weekends and events, local businesses that you’re passionate about and post about why so many young professionals are obsessed with the kitschy startup culture.

Remember to link back to your blog posts via Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest to give your content the extra juice it deserves.

Are you using a blog to reinvent your career? I want details! Please share in the comments below.

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