3 Questions Before You Post


Are you making sure you have all of your bases covered before clicking “Publish’? Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself every time you push a blog post live:

1) Have I channeled my inner grammar Nazi? It’s basic, right? Right. But daily I see news articles and blogs with typos, misspellings or awkward spacing. And while I’m a grammar nerd myself, I’ve been guilty of the same offenses. Somehow little typos or wrong-wordings are always more obvious to you after you hit Publish. A quick solution that works for me is reading the post out loud – this can make mistakes more apparent and less embarrassing. Using a browser with built-in Spell Check helps too.

2) Did I address my audience directly? If you aren’t stopping to talk directly to your readers then you could lose them half-way through your post. Make sure you are letting them know how your blog applies to them specifically.

3) Where am I going to post? Finding the perfect venue/medium for posting is essential to ensuring your content has an audience. Make sure you are referencing your blog where it’s relevant. Some posts may be Facebook friendly while others may get more play on LinkedIn or Twitter from a more business-focused account.

If/when you get negative feedback, don’t get discouraged or hung up because one reader wasn’t in love with your content.  Instead look for better outlets to find your perfect audience that will appreciate what you have to offer. Remember, everyone online has an opinion – that’s why we have blogs!

Questions? Comments? Let’s make friends, dish in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “3 Questions Before You Post

  1. Hi Naomi, I liked your advice so much on Linkedin that I decided to read more of your articles. I was very happy I did because after about 40 years as a banker, I would love to blog about my passion of art history. I am a volunteer at the MET in NYC on weekends and I absolutely love sharing my passion for art with the visitors from all over the world. A blog seems like a great way to begin my re-invention. Thanks again for another great article.

    • Dan, So glad you’ve enjoyed my blog! And yes, blogging sounds like the perfect medium to share your love for the arts, history and your experience in the NYC art community. Let me know when your blog is live!!

      • Thanks Naomi. I will wait until my vacation in October to write my blog. I want to have enough time to do it right! I was at the MET yesterday and we had 25,000 visitors by 5:00. I love the energy and excitement of sharing my passion with so many people. Thanks again for your support!

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