Where to write.

Where to Write

Not sure where to write?

With all of the platforms for publishing content it can be hard to decide where to post your content. Different outlets are geared towards different audiences. You’ll want to make sure you consider all of your options before choosing your platform; you may even use two separate outlets to fulfill different objectives.

Here’s how to decide which one is right for you:

1) WordPress: WordPress  is an awesome fit for any blogger. The blogging site lets anyone start a free blog (just like me) and they have a wide array of widgets and third party tools. The Visual and HTML editors make it easy to tweak your content. Choose from a range of free blog themes or customize your own. Hint! WordPress is perfect for you if you want to add a complete site and blog to drive your content; adding additional pages is simple.

2) Tumblr: Tumblr  is the perfect place for uploading video and image content. Its simple user interface makes it easy to upload content from a computer or mobile device. The sleek, minimal design makes it ideal for posting photos and videos. Hint! If you’re a photographer then Tumblr is definitely your sweet spot.

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3) Blogger: Blogger is another content-driven blog site, and like WordPress it’s free and easy to navigate. Blogger recently underwent a major redesign letting users customize the look and feel of their blogs more while tracking their readership via detailed stats. Hint! If you love content and you’re obsessed with stats this could be the place for you. 

4) Medium: Medium is a community blog where members can post and recommend their favorite articles. The site is currently in Beta and users must receive an invite to have the posting functionality. If you tweet nice at Medium after you start an account, they just might add you to the in-crowd. The interface is simple to use with a basic white background and standard font types across the board. (If you crave customization, this isn’t the site for you.)

The great part is Medium helps you find your audience by letting you post under the category most relevant to your article. Because they have fewer categories than most blogging networks, this make it easier for engaged readers to find your content. My favorite part? They include a time description i.e. “3 minute read” for each post. Hint! Medium is great for giving your content published on WordPress or Blogger that extra boost and reaching relevant audiences! I’ve made it my re-posting place and outlet for posting on a broader range of topics.

5) Triberr: Triberr makes it easy to share content with other like-minded bloggers and professionals. The network includes different blogging tribes; once you’re invited to one you have an instant sounding-board for all of your content. The site lets you grow your reach by importing your current blog posts for you new tribe-buddies to enjoy. Hint! Are you a content strategy geek or a blogging addict? You’re not alone! Use Triberr to connect with articulate people who love the same things you do.

Which blog site is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

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