Your First Blog Post…

Chapter One

Ready for a great beginning?

Whether you’re starting a personal blog or one for your business, that first post should introduce your brand by telling readers a powerful story. Your story has to matter to your audience to keep them coming back for more; that means you need to make them a part of it.

Not sure where to start? Read these tips on writing your first blog post.

1) A Seriously Heartwarming Non-Profit Narrative:

Don’t just tell readers about your organization, show them why your cause and mission statement are important. Focus your first blog post on a community, second grade class, family or teenager you were able to help. Use candid photos and tell them the story. How did your organization help [insert person/people/animal(s)/community]?

If you run a no-kill dog shelter, share the story of one of the dogs who was abandoned or dropped at your business. Zoe’s Story is Our Story: share the journey of a dog. Show ‘Zoe’ when she first arrived; show her living at the shelter with her (adorable) companions and finally, Zoe at home with her new family. Then explain to readers why that dog’s story is yours; how your mission is to help dogs like Zoe and that with generous donations from people like them, you were able to help x amount of dogs already this year.

2) A Business Savvy Story Centered On Your Customer:

Ready to introduce your business? Start by recapping a customer success story first and then explain why presenting solutions for people is an important part of your brand mission statement. If you’re a small credit union, tell us about how you helped a young family get approved for their first home. Meet John: Electrician, Father and First-Time Home Buyer.

Explain the difficulties or concerns John had when he walked into one of your branches, how you partnered with him for a positive outcome and of course, include a few lines from John himself about why he’s glad he walked through your doors. Why not finish the post with a photo of ‘John’ and his family in front of their new home and a paragraph about what matters most to your business: helping your customers get to where they want to be? Whether that means a line of credit for that cherry, red convertible to drive on the edge of the California coastline or a savings account to watch a daughter walk at graduation.

3) An Up-Close-and-Just-Personal-Enough Auto-Bio:

Tell your readers about yourself and why you’re starting a blog. If you’re a runner, let them know how long you’ve been running, what marathons you’ve been in and what your goals are moving forward. Share a candid photo of you running alongside your teammates and a fundraising race or a shot of you crossing the finish line.

Job seeker? Use your first post to get face-to-face with hiring managers before you ever interview. Highlight the projects you’ve worked on that you’re most proud of and explain why with relevant graphics. Want to make a strong closing statement? (Yes!) Finish your first post on camera by including a video about why you’re passionate about what you do.

Dress how you would in the office, smile a lot and find a well-lit clean corner in your home or a sunny area outside to share a little about yourself. Don’t forget to let viewers know where they can find more details about your work online and more importantly, how they can reach you to schedule an interview.

Social Media

No matter what type of blog you have, make sure you tell readers in your first post how they can stay connected with you, your cause or your business online. Let them know which Social Media outlets you’re active on and what types of information they can expect. Invite them to find you and share their own stories.

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