More Than Words

More Than Words

What is Content Marketing? According to the Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing is marketing used to engage new and current customers by regularly curating relevant and valuable content to enhance or change the consumer’s behavior. It is an ongoing process best integrated into your overall marketing strategy that focuses on ownership of content and media. (I’ve included their official definition below.)

With Google’s new approach to search results, creating a more meaningful brand experience can be rewarding for your customers and your business or personal presence online. The leading search engine is changing the way we find each other online in a way that’s good for consumers and good for business. This means that stories about your brand and your customers will replace deep linking, Search Engine Optimization and key words.

Some SEO companies may not appreciate the new movement, but your customers will and you should too. Now customers who are vested in your story and your message will reach your webpage, instead of users who aren’t in your target audience that were actually looking for vegan sushi/avocados on Pinterest/insert-unrelated-product-here driven there by meta tags and page links.

Content Marketing Institute

OK, so why should I read your blog?

Content Marketing is a new addition under the Marketing umbrella. Many businesses are still learning how it can be used to engage customers and increase market share. Also, many Marketing departments like mine are trying to find a place for these new initiatives on their project schedules and looking for ways to show the (definite) Return-On-Investment to senior management and decision makers.

That’s what More Than Words is about. This blog will guide you through Content Marketing and why it’s important. We’ll look at how to sell it to the higher-ups at your company, how to position initiatives perfect for segmented target audiences and most importantly, how to create great content to represent your brand. Posts will pull from industry trends and my experience as a Creative Services Manager, but I promise I will always keep the focus on you, your business or personal brand and your audience.

Have ideas for posts or topics that would be relevant to your business or personal brand? Please leave me a comment or feel free to reach out to me here, via


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